Weight Control

Weight control... changing your eating to change your shape!

There are plenty of reasons why an individual can become overweight.

  • They may be taking steroids which have the side effect of significant weight gain.
  • They could have a hypo-thyroid condition causing their metabolic rate to slow down significantly and cause weight gain.
  • Other medications can also cause weight gain.

BUT by far the most common cause of weight gain is the individual’s attitude to food, and this is not just a matter of choice, it’s also a matter of conditioning laid down in the subconscious mind very early in life and reinforced by constant advertising and food programmes on TV.

  • Food is what keeps us alive.
  • Our parents wanted us to flourish and so encouraged us to finish everything on our plate from babyhood.
  • The medical profession and the media tell us that good nutrition is crucial to our survival.
  • The media also bombards us with enticing images of food and drink.
  • Sweet things were given as rewards in childhood and rewards are probably the most powerful form of conditioning.
  • Food is fundamental to our survival, the first thing we do when we are born is search for it.

It’s small wonder, given these facts, that many people find it very difficult to lose weight. There are hundreds of diets, regimes, plans, food substitutes, but these are just tools for the physiological side of weight loss. The attitude of your mind towards food and eating is the most important means of losing weight, and that’s where HYPNOTHERAPY comes in.

Within hypnosis the subconscious mind can be accessed and fresh perspectives offered on how you eat, when you eat, what you eat, and why. It’s not such a difficult task once your subconscious mind has a better understanding of the role of food. The subconscious mind needs to have old behaviour patterns from childhood updated so that food is not used as a source of comfort at times of stress, and it will accept this under hypnosis so that the task of losing your weight and gaining the shape you want will be so much easier.

You can gain control over your eating habits and watch your shape change to a more healthy you.