Stress / Anxiety / Panic Attacks

What is Stress and Anxiety ?

The definition of stress is pressure of stimuli on mind or body.  We can all recognise it in our fast pace, competitive world, and generally we can deal with it. A degree of stress can even be motivational.

But when life throws too many challenges at us simultaneously, stress gets out of hand and becomes dysfunctional, we lose intellectual control and begin to experience symptoms of ANXIETY (sometimes alongside depression and/or anger).

Are any of these symptoms familiar to you :-

  • Difficulty dropping off to sleep ?
  • Can’t focus or concentrate at work, or even on a book ?
  • Waking up at 3am or 4am and can’t get back to sleep ?
  • Drinking a little more than usual ?
  • Suffering feelings of unexplained panic ?
  • Worrying constantly about what MIGHT happen tomorrow ?
  • Dreading going to work ?
  • Symptoms of irritable bowel ?
  • Stiff neck/shoulders, leading to headaches ?
  • Dreading meetings at work ?
  • Relationship suffering?
They are all symptoms of ANXIETY - and they’re destructive!

Even a low level of consistent anxiety causes our subconscious mind to go into the ‘fight or flight’ mode (a primitive ‘opt out’ response)  when adrenaline is continually pumped around the body, speeding up heart rate, respiration, sweating and generally puts us in HYPER vigilant mode, causing all those symptoms listed above, and if this continues it can become overwhelming and lead to all kinds of problems making us feel out of control.

  • Before you can be ‘yourself’ again, you need to understand what has caused anxiety to come about for you, and to know how your mind works at such times.  This is the idea of the free initial consultation.  After that it’s so much easier for you to regain control and make sense of the situation - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !
  • The next step is to reduce high levels of anxiety, and this is done by bringing about deep relaxation (through hypnosis) and learning how to maintain this on a daily basis.  You will also receive a relaxation audio track to play when you go to sleep at night.
  • You may also need help to change your perspective on certain aspects of your life and of your responses to them.
  • Then we can assist you in making permanent changes that YOU want to make by getting rid of inappropriate behaviour patterns that are perpetuating your anxiety.
  • THIS IS WHAT HYPNOTHERAPY IS ALL ABOUT - helping you to gain control, change perspective and make life the way you want it to be.