Stop Smoking

SMOKERS IN THE UK ARE QUITTING AT A RAPID RATE ……and the vast majority of them DON’T find it difficult, once they’ve made up their mind.

Hypnotherapy can stop you smoking for good in just two sessions if you have a genuine desire to quit.

There are many misconceptions about smoking cigarettes that smokers use to rationalise their habit.

But did you know that -

  • Smoking is one of the major causes of STRESS and ANXIETY?  So that when you light a cigarette to ‘calm your nerves’ you are actually doing the exact opposite.
  • Today only 16.9% of adults in the UK are still smokers?  People have wised up to the illness and death toll directly accountable to cigarettes.
  • People who smoke throughout life are 80% more likely to suffer severe anxiety and clinical depression in middle age than non-smokers.
  • Once a person takes up smoking their brain cuts down on the production of the motivational hormone Seratonin.
  • Once a person regains control by quitting smoking, they are able to regain control in other areas of their life too.
  • The physical aspect of addiction to smoking is less than 10%  The reminder is ALL IN THE MIND - the subconscious mind where primitive behaviour patterns reside.  Your smoking is not a conscious behaviour, which is why trying to quit with conscious will power alone is so tough.
  • Hypnotherapy can access the subconscious mind, suggest new perspectives on the habit, and extinguish your desire for smoking.

Hypnotherapy can also be just as useful in helping individuals to get control over other unwanted habits such as nail biting, hair pulling and taking control of alcohol consumption.

The anti-smoking sessions

I like my clients to come for an informal initial consultation, which lasts 45 minutes, for me to gain important knowledge of the person’s individual relationship with cigarettes and to learn exactly what they want to achieve from quitting and how different their life will be once they have quit. 

This enables me to tailor make their actual anti smoking session which takes place one week later and lasts up to 2hrs. I explain how your subconscious mind has managed to create such a dangerous habit.  I’ll remind you of the dangers to your mind and body of the smoking habit, and how hypnosis will help ou to stop it that day. 

The last part of the session is taken up with total relaxation within light trance, where your subconscious is accessed and re-educated so that it no longer wants or needs to promote you to smoke cigarettes.  And so long as you have a genuine desire to quit, you’ll leave the clinic  non-smoker for good.  These two sessions complete the anti smoking therapy at a total cost of £150.