Insomnia is generally characterised by two distinct forms of sleep disorder;

  1. The inability to drop off to sleep and therefore lying in your bed for hours tossing and turning, which no amount of warm milk or lavender on your pillow will cure!
  2. The ability to drop off to sleep but then waking suddenly and being unable to get back to sleep.

There are many forms of pre-bedtime strategies that can work for the odd sleepless night however for others it’s a constant nightly battle.  Chronic insomnia left untreated leads to tiredness, lack of concentration, and general lack of energy, which affects all aspects of daily life.  Insomnia is most often the result of high stress or anxiety causing your mind to constantly run through your problems, unable to switch off.

The only way to sort out your disrupted sleep (apart from meditation) is to find ways to lower your stress levels and you do that by learning ways to relax and change the way you react to the challenges in your life.  This is what hypnotherapy can help you achieve, and for some people just receiving my relaxation track to play at bed time gives some immediate relief, even before therapy has started.