Fears and Phobias

Fears are distinct from phobias.  For example you may be a bit scared of dogs, but that’s about having a healthy respect for the fact that animals can be unpredictable.

However, a phobia is different.  A phobia is an irrational fear, a debilitating fear of something that carries no real risk.  Phobia’s can arise as the result of a childhood trauma, or they can be the result of generalised anxiety building to a peak, which accompanied by a negative experience, sets up an irrational fear.

So, for instance, a person can suffer from claustrophobia in adulthood, as a direct result of being accidentally trapped in a small space at a very young age when the child didn’t realise that he would eventually be found and all would be well.  

Conversely, we can take a person who has always been a happy flyer but who over a period of time (or suddenly) becomes terrified of flying.   I have treated many people like this and it invariably turns out that their general levels of stress built up over a period of time, and feeling that intense anxiety when they got on a plane, and had a really bumpy flight.  What happens in this case, is that the person transfers all the feelings of their generalised anxiety onto that experience of the bad flight and as a result can no longer get on a plane.  This is an easy problem to remedy, with hypnotherapy and an NLP technique called the rewind.  Many other phobias are cured in the same way such as; Needles, Spiders, Driving on motorways, hospitals etc.

The treatment is usually in the following pattern”-

  • Initially, hypnosis is used to access the subconscious mind, where the fear response patterns reside, to facilitate deep relaxation and reduce levels of general anxiety.
  • Next the original trauma is accessed via hypnosis and using a specific NLP technique the subconscious mind is desensitised to the subject of the fear.
  • Finally, the individual’s subconscious is reprogrammed to be totally unaffected by the particular object of ear so that he/she will be unaffected by it in the future.