If you lack either confidence or motivation it is most likely that the cause is a degree of underlying stress, anxiety, depression or a combination of all three.

When we lack confidence, we feel out of control and a common symptom of this is when we negatively forecast the future or negatively introspect about the past:

"I'm never going to be able to get a new job..."

"I think my presentation didn’t go very well, they must think I’m useless..."

Familiar phrases ? Lacking confidence in your abilities can hold you back both in your work and socially. Hypnosis used within Solution Focused Therapy will firstly lower your levels of anxiety, and secondly allow you to understand how your subconscious has got it wrong. Then old unwanted patterns of behaviour that cause you to lose belief in yourself can be changed and your confidence boosted.

If you find motivation a problem then you may have a degree of depression and this too can be lifted within Hypnotherapy, using trance to lower levels of anxiety, and using suggestion to reprogram your subconscious to be optimistic and motivated to succeed.

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