Susan Cassidy mnch -The Hypnotherapist Bristol

I  have been a full time member of Bristol Hypnotherapy team at The Clifton Practice since 2001 and so have nearly 17 years experience of treating the many faces of emotional distress.  I am convinced that Hypnotherapy really is an effective and powerful tool for creating lasting positive changes.

The therapy aspect of my treatment model is Brief Solution Focused Therapy which, as the name suggests, is a system that focuses on solutions rather than problems, in other words, I ask not how bad you feel but how much better and in what way you’d rather feel.

The hypnosis aspect is merely a tool to make the required changes happen at a deeper level than just conscious awareness.  I use light trance to relax you enough to gain access to the subconscious mind where old unwanted patterns of behaviour reside and where new ones can be established.  During hypnosis, you are aware of my voice and remain in control at all times.  It’s a very pleasant and deeply relaxing experience and when the session is over you will feel calm, happy and optimistic for a happy future.

All you need to do is click on the link above that’s most appropriate to the challenges you’re facing at present to learn more about how I can help you become the best version of you.